I was able to buy a car to get to work. Nothing special, but enough to get me to and from work (casual, about 10 hours per week, 15 hours on a good week) without having to walk there and back again. The early release of super was what really made it possible, but the $550 definitely helped. Without it, I'd still be without a car.
It has also enabled me to take time off work when I need to instead of being forced to choose between taking time off and not paying for food/medicine/rent/etc or going in sick and infecting other people.
I'm hoping to save up enough by September to be able to move to somewhere with better job prospects. There's not much where I live. If I don't move, I'll likely be stuck in this same dead end job until the day I die (if I'm lucky, if I'm not lucky I'll be stuck on Centrelink payments until I die). It's still a risk moving, but $500 extra per fortnight would definitely provide a safety net in case things don't go well instead of just moving and hoping everything works out.
It really does help alleviate some of the anxiety.
Hell, it's nice to just be able to run the electric heater (because there's no other way to heat this house and it is FREEZING here) and keep warm and not worry about how much the electricity bill will be.