• Anaya*

    Three weeks ago my partner became violent. This money has/is allowing me to leave and set up a safe new home for me and my three children. I have been able to breath a little easier, as I had to save for a new bond, advanced rent, moving costs and two full new school uniforms. I know I can get through this but I am already thinking how I can afford raising three children on my own after this COVID extra money ends.
    I don’t know where I would be or what I would have done without this payment.

  • Sue

    My shelter before we got extra money. I now have a bed, a roof and a door. I shower and eat. I’m 59 years old and have started to do volunteer work. I don’t have the words to say how this has changed my life. DV put me on the run and Newstart made my homeless. I love the page.

  • Kimberly*

    If I had had that $550 last year I would’ve been able to pay my mortgage as a single mum. I would’ve been able to stay in the home with my toddler and access further DV and postnatal depression supports instead of going back to work to make ends meet.
    What I wouldn’t have given to be able to stay with my little girl and build up my own sense of self and well-being. It would’ve made a world of difference. This is so worthwhile

  • Shania*

    $550 has turned our house into a home. We are not forced to compromise who we live with just to cover cost. It was not always safe. I can put fuel in the car and make sure everyone has phone credit. It means not stressing about surviving so that I’m not worn down and able to deal psychologically with whatever the ex throws at me next. It means I’m less vulnerable psychologically, if you know what I mean. My garden is a place of joy and its ours.

  • Caitlin, Charlie, Will and Ruby

    Our house was once filled with fear, yelling and violence. Three years later, four failed attempts to leave and we are now free. This means that I can sleep, the kids are noisy and it’s wonderful. We have brought new blankets, warm clothes and can buy fresh food at the market. Honestly, I just feel rich. I didn’t think my life could be better. Then I got my grandma’s car. No longer used. The extra money has enabled me to register the car, tyres and repair the brakes. I’m going for my licence. Next goal is a job, I am at TAFE and doing a community certificate. I am 34, I have three beautiful, wise and healthy children. We are a team. I have watched this page but didn’t want to post until I had my learners. Please keep the page, I’m wanting to post my P’s.

  • Christine*

    550 has given myself and my two young children the opportunity to escape severe domestic violence, not only having enough to fill up the car to get away but also enough to purchase fresh food and needed medical items. I didn’t have to choose between our safety or food. This has been a life changer and also may of been a life saver. My children for the first time ever can have fresh food in a safe home surrounded by love. ❤️

  • Rose*

    It's really nice to see my kids come home and eat without having to ration them. The extra money has enabled me to move out from a bad situation.
    I really hope this money will carry on (at least $400 per fortnight) so I can continue to provide for my kids, hopefully better my education, get a decent secure job and maybe start saving for a home deposit.

  • Morgan, Nathan, and Toni

    It’s school holidays. We have enough money for my children’s BFF to sleepover but also the extra items for them to stay safe. Thank you. This is our brightest school holiday that we have had in years.

  • Eliana*

    Breathing space from the crippling legal fees. It cost money to recapture our freedom.

  • Dana*

    SAFE, we are safe. We are safe now. Enough money to leave. Please don’t ever force us back to Newstart. We won’t survive. I have had this picture for four weeks . I’m trusting you with my most terrifying and proudest moment.

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