I bought GLASSES so i can now see! I CAN FREAKING SEE WITH MY EYES!
I also replaced my cookware which was so old the teflon was peeling off into our food.
we spent some money to build up the garden to grow our own food as the supermarkets are SO EXPENSIVE. this will help ease the burden of grocery shopping.
I also plan on buying a VACUUM cleaner for the first time in my life as opposed to borrowing my parents or friends. I'm 34.
I got a massage for the first time in three years. I have a chronic spinal injury (herniated disk) so need this therapy often but can not afford it. My five free health care sessions are mostly used on Physio, which only helps some of the problem.
I am honestly so scared of them returning the payments to their previous rate. I was constantly stressed, depressed, upset, angry, sick, and feeling worthless. I struggled to find meaning in my life, despite volunteering for my community. The constant barrage of "you're not trying hard enough, its your fault you're broke, get a job even though there are none or we'll cut you off payments, you bludger you're useless" is tough enough to withstand without only eating once a day, not being ably to buy new clothes or shoes, not being able to go out with your friends like a normal person, watch movies, upgrade or buy new tech to keep up with the world, etc etc etc.
I'm very sad to had to come to this crisis to get to this point in welfare awareness, but on the other hand my mental health is the best its been in YEARS without the stress of having to choose between dinner and socks, or petrol and going to the beach