I love it because I didn't need to go to Salvos, and all theses places non profit as well just to get food to hold me over until the next payment! I hate it when u go in to theses help place like salvos you have to wait around for ages sometimes and the old women are the worst old hags trouble makers and give u nothing at all I got no help from marion Salvos in Adelaide south Australia I give my concern government health care card that shows your on low income to get in the door for help and this last time she only gave me 1 loaf of bread and 1 milk and she suppose to give up th o $60 dollars worth of shopping I tapped this women from salvos gove over $ 400: 00 dollars of shopping to a women that volunteered part time there in the kitchen and I heard her say I to need this much or really want it the salvos women said just give it to one of your friends fuck them so that salvos women used my health card for the books and gave my shopping to this women that did even care to have the shopping..