• Amy

    My 15 year old son is now taller than my own 5,8 in height and grown right out of ‘kids clothes’ - the supplement this fortnight has allowed me to buy him a pair of jeans and sneakers from the men’s department in Target. They fit perfectly, for the first time in ages he says he can move freely in his jeans. He looks totally slick in them too 🙂
    They were on sale, $45 for the jeans and $39 for the shoes. No way could I have afforded them before, he was stuck in the ill fitting $12 kind. We are both so stoked to be able to pay for these for school ❤️

  • Greta and Tommy

    So, the extra money gets my boy to regular hydrotherapy. He is a little champ battling some big stuff. The pool is his happy place, as he gets to do things that he cannot do on land, such as hold his own body weight. Yes, we are not really meant to take this picture, and no one is in the frame. We just needed to share in the conversation. Or as Tommy said, lets make a splash.

  • Ellena*

    I’m a single mum who works part time. I have chronic health conditions + a 7yr old child with autism & a 18 month old toddler. Little family support and are quite isolated (even before COVID hit). Our rent was 50% of our fortnightly income. We were very financially stressed and living fortnight to fortnight. The extra $550 per fortnight has meant SO much to my family & has allowed me to receive medical treatment, I otherwise could not afford, as well as many other benefits. Here is our list of reasons to smile 😊

  • Anaya*

    Three weeks ago my partner became violent. This money has/is allowing me to leave and set up a safe new home for me and my three children. I have been able to breath a little easier, as I had to save for a new bond, advanced rent, moving costs and two full new school uniforms. I know I can get through this but I am already thinking how I can afford raising three children on my own after this COVID extra money ends.
    I don’t know where I would be or what I would have done without this payment.

  • Janice, Markus & Nathan

    The extra money means that I can pay my rent, without skipping meals and stressing. We have kept warm this winter and made a veggie garden. One of my boys has food allergies, his health, his skin has been awesome. Plus our neighbour is elderly, a bit lonely and super kind. We share our home-grown veggies and herbs with her.

  • Leonie*

    Our Community Garden. The stress and isolation of never having enough money is overwhelming. I can now pay the bills and feed my children. We garden with our neighbours and the kids are making new friends. We had enough money to buy seedlings. It’s a new life, I’m not waking up from stress or crying in the shower. Not brave enough for my name but thank you! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Kaylene

    I can buy food, clothes for myself and my baby. I have even brought some toys. I can afford makeup for my makeup artistry diploma. It is the best course that I have ever done. I love this payment.

  • Pippa*

    Our house will be warm this winter. With the extra $550 I have been able to pay for my son's private OT sessions, put some money towards my super and pay for heating.

  • Michelle

    Car repair
    Kids winter clothing
    Bond for new rental and moving costs
    This has been a tremendous help and I'm not living on struggle street so much as their dad doesn't pay child support so this has helped us so very much. I don't want to go back and struggle just to pay bills and food etc

  • Amy

    I've been puting extra money on power, water, rent, gas, phone bills to get a head of them why i can. I can buy fresh fruit and veg for my son, pay school fees and buy my son new clothes that fit him properly becouse he will not stop growing lol. It has been a huge help and i am grateful for it i didn't choose to be a single mum struggling to find a job it just happened that way.

  • Amanda and Joseph

    $550 allowed me to get my little man’s bike back on the park.I asked the first bike shop if I could pay off the $36 over 2 payments. The shame when they just stared at me. I never went back.$36 may not have seemed a lot. Anyway, he is meeting his friends, riding his bike. I now go jogging and he rides beside me. It’s our favourite thing to do. Maybe I will save for a second hand bike.

  • Audrey*

    The supplement has changed the picture of our lives.
    We are older people and I can't work above 15 hrs for health reasons and hubby is long term unemployed with a number of disorders. Having suffered a bankruptcy and losing our home we were fortunate to get community housing and moved in with next to nothing.
    The extra $550 has allowed us to buy all second hand but beautiful furniture, we also brought blankets, lawn mower and a washing machine. We both had had hair cuts, new glasses, the car is back on the road and we have taken up study, I can watch my grands in the holiday and buy them lunch out.
    None of this would be possible without the stimulus and supplement.

  • Cordelia*

    $550 has helped me. I used to work full time then I went through family violence and became a single parent going through family court with a child being diagnosed on the spectrum.
    I now have nothing and can't seem to catch a break during these hard times. Our industry was affected first and I've been on leave without pay for almost 5 months. I have no idea if I will have a job to return to with how our industry is due to the effects of covid.
    This additional payment has helped me support myself and my young child and pay for legal bills for family court, general living and also pay for my child therapies whilst waiting for NDIS funding as they were recently diagnosed with ASD.

    When this finishes I will be struggling 😥

  • Christine*

    550 has given myself and my two young children the opportunity to escape severe domestic violence, not only having enough to fill up the car to get away but also enough to purchase fresh food and needed medical items. I didn’t have to choose between our safety or food. This has been a life changer and also may of been a life saver. My children for the first time ever can have fresh food in a safe home surrounded by love. ❤️

  • Em

    I still fall short every fortnight despite paid work and receiving single parenting payment. After rent, bills, car payments - there isn’t much left over.

    The additional $550 has allowed me to purchase BRAND NEW clothing for my 2 year old for the first time.
    I also no longer require food vouchers to buy enough groceries.
    The feeling of being able to finally provide proper winter coats and boots for my toddler and knowing we both have full tummies everyday is beyond words.

    Thank you for creating this page, it has been very comforting knowing that I am not the only one who has fallen on hard times.

  • Lana*

    Love and care to our other family member who is also my son's therapy dog. They can now sleep in a warm room as the extra money has allowed me to buy blankets and a heater for his bedroom. We have warm clothes, there is food in the cupboards and a safe car on the road. ❤️

  • Rose*

    It's really nice to see my kids come home and eat without having to ration them. The extra money has enabled me to move out from a bad situation.
    I really hope this money will carry on (at least $400 per fortnight) so I can continue to provide for my kids, hopefully better my education, get a decent secure job and maybe start saving for a home deposit.

  • Gloria*

    A sole-mum with a 6 year old daughter. We both have medical and health needs. The extra money has enabled me to buy our medication, put extra money aside for rent with a hope to spend some time together on a holiday.

  • Morgan, Nathan, and Toni

    It’s school holidays. We have enough money for my children’s BFF to sleepover but also the extra items for them to stay safe. Thank you. This is our brightest school holiday that we have had in years.

  • Mo

    We finally bought things at our local market. Strawberries, broccoli and a treat. Amazing!

  • Stella, mum of Archie, Sam, and Molly

    Warm feet. Brought the boots and winter socks last fortnight. Can afford new coats today. We will be mushrooming over the weekend. If the $550 stays we maybe able to afford a kitten. It breaks my heart when “Pet Week” at school is something that I dread.

  • Emma

    I brought NEW dinner bowls
    For the first time in my kids lives and some decent tea towels. I would normally only ever get dinner sets from salvos.

    I also got the kids new jumpers which is something we normally get second hand as well 🙂

  • Amy

    I’ve started my online course in Domestic Violence Support, a subject close to my heart, and my grocery shop is a joy compared to the stressful never enough cheap packaged ‘pov pastas’ jar sauces and 2 minute noodles. The best feeling was my daughter able to attend a friends movie party and not be too embarrassed to say we can’t come due to lack of funds. Her face 🥰.

  • Taigen

    First thing I bought was a new phone for myself, so I could actually do things(make calls, apply for jobs etc) I've had an iPhone 4 since, I can't even remember so I thought why not.
    Extra food, school clothes for my daughter, bills are less in debt, car rego is due so that will help.
    When I had a job, I started planning to purchase a business and I did, lost my job and that stopped. The Corona supplement has also helped with buying equipment, paying electricians etc in the hopes that I can finally get off Centrelink.

  • Peta

    Thanks to covid I could afford new clothes for my daughter and her own bed also could get the car a well needed service oh and to top it off it saved us from becoming homeless also I won't deny we treated ourselves to some pizza the other night the smile and confusion on my daughter's face was amazing 🤣

  • Kay

    My twin boys have asthma, triggered by the cold. We are heading into our scary time. I now have spare medication in the car. I can go from terrified to be alert. Always worried about running out.

  • Cassandra

    After four years of waiting out the public health system lm now able to have major dental work, and my kids have extra clothes and food in their bellies 😀

  • Suzie

    Car rego, car insurance, car repairs, new 2nd hand microwave, winter clothing for my child, new winter blanket (last one was 20ish yrs old) with future payments I will get washing machine serviced and new seals put on my fridge. Both need to be replaced but unless I can replace with cheap 2nd hand then repairs are better than nothing, extra payments will stop soon. Vacuums also over 10 yrs old and needs replacing so if I can stretch it that far then i'll try. I do believe I've used the money very wisely. Scared of going back into poverty.

  • Tina

    Specialist bills (Private provider) for my son.

  • Joanne

    New ( factory seconds) washing machine. Needed so badly and now the kids school clothes are clean for school. I also had my car fixed, so overdue.The kids are now getting warm winter clothing. I can now finally pay for the specialist (neurosurgeon) I need to see so badly. It’s been such a blessing to have the extra money coming in. It’s helped my family so much.

  • Abby*

    $96 on youngest daughter's winter toiletries

  • Jaidie

    A year of hand-washing our laundry. I finally brought a washing machine. Helps me a lot, I cried at the shop. 🤍🥺 I also got a school jumper and other clothing for my prep. I got us a scooter and our afternoon fun at the park.

    At the start of lock-down was so scared and stress coz heaps of people hoarding and we can only buy limited items. But thankful for the stimulus and covid money can breathe and anxiety is not too bad then.

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