Caitlin, Charlie, Will and Ruby

Our house was once filled with fear, yelling and violence. Three years later, four failed attempts to leave and we are now free. This means that I can sleep, the kids are noisy and it’s wonderful. We have brought new blankets, warm clothes and can buy fresh food at the market. Honestly, I just feel rich. I didn’t think my life could be better. Then I got my grandma’s car. No longer used. The extra money has enabled me to register the car, tyres and repair the brakes. I’m going for my licence. Next goal is a job, I am at TAFE and doing a community certificate. I am 34, I have three beautiful, wise and healthy children. We are a team. I have watched this page but didn’t want to post until I had my learners. Please keep the page, I’m wanting to post my P’s.


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